Tanque Verde Valley

Tanque Verde Valley Tucson

Tanque Verde Valley, Laid-Back Foothills LivingThe Tanque Verde Valley began as a small northeast Tucson community, remote from Tucson, and settled by ranchers arriving to the American West around the 1860s.  The name of the area, which means “green … [Read More...]

Tucson Home Prices Increase


Tucson Home Prices Increase 2.5% - June 2015Tucson home prices have risen 2.5% year-to-date and inventory is below normal at 5,000 homes on the market.  We have an improving economy and job growth which has greatly improved the housing … [Read More...]

When a bedroom isn’t a bedroom

A bed in a room does not a bedroom make

What impact does the number of bedrooms have on a home search? Two bedrooms and a den, three bedrooms, one bedroom, how many bedrooms are you looking for? Do you need 3 or 4 bedrooms, or do you need one bedroom and a place for the occasional … [Read More...]

Tucson Sold Price Breakdown

May 2015 Sold Price Breakdown

April 2015 Sold Price BreakdownApril of 2015 produced the most number of sold properties for any month in 2015 to date.  Let's take a look at the Sold Price Breakdown and find the market sweet spot for April.Sold Price Sweet SpotA quick look at the … [Read More...]

Tucson Medical Center Active Listings

Tucson Medical Center Map Search The map below shows active listings around the Tucson Medical Center. By clicking on any of the house icons a bubble will open with a thumbnail and brief description of the property. Find one you like and … [Read More...]

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