Does Saltillo Tile Hurt Home Resale

Saltillo Tile Floor

Saltillo Tile Floor

It does depend on the home and the condition of the saltillo, but in general I would say “Yes, It can hurt home resale.

Saltillo tile is a soft tile, it is porous and needs to be stripped and sealed often.   This makes it “High Maintenance”.

It is often found in a southwestern Territorial and Santa Fe style homes. It is also found in other styles but not by design, usually it is a preference of the owner.

If it is in one of the three mentioned above it is expected as part of the style of home and those purchasing this type of home will generally accept the Saltillo as part of the design.   There are new ceramic tiles which look almost identical to saltillo maintaining the design style without the high degree of maintenance required by traditional soft saltillo tile.

Therefore, it is up to the owner or buyer to decide about purchasing a home or selling a home with saltillo tile.   As a general rule of thumb I would say again Yes, it can hurt home resale because a lot of people don’t want a high maintenance floor.


  1. Jack Langley says

    I would like to suggest that saltillo tile is an asset to a home as long as it has been well maintained. If has been neglected, it may or may not hurt the value of the home, depending on the condition. It can always be restored to new new condition for a nominal amount, especially compared to replacement and turning off a prospective buyer.

    Usually, a home with Saltillo, will have a southwestern flavor and be the right choice there.

    All natural products have a real charm that the imitations attempt to replicate. While they may need maintenance, it is always easier and less expensive to keep up with maintenance, than put it off. Of course that is true with everything in life.

    For the do-it-your selfers, I suggest you call Mexican Tile Company for the right products and procedures to maintain your Saltillo floors.

  2. Barbara O'Connell says

    I don’t think satillo hurts a home sale in Tucson, especially if it fits the style of the house. I am purchasing a home in the Show Low area and will put satillo in the home there. It is warm, has the feel of western/southwestern living, and definitely fits the old Pueblo. I have a ceramic thoughout my house that is gorgeous and I have wished a 1000 times that I had put down satillo. I have bullnosed corners and archways and it would have looked better, I think. Look at the leading magazines and see how many ads and homes use satillo.

  3. says


    I think it can really accent a southwestern style home. But it is a lot, and I do mean a lot of work to maintain. We run into people that have had saltillo before and won’t buy a home again that has it. They want simplicity of care.


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