My First Gift After Moving to Tucson

Tucson First GiftI just reached into my pocket, yes the pocket with the watch pocket inside and pulled out my chap stick. And when I put the cap back on I remembered something that happened when I moved to Tucson back in 1999.

I won’t go into the details of what brought me to Tucson, but once the move was official and I had packed what I could in my car and said “Tucson will be my home” I arrived to warm greetings and my first gift as a new Tucsonan. I was given a chap stick. I was told to use it unsparingly. I was told it was a gift that would never run out because there would always be a new chap stick waiting for me in the drawer. There always was : )

We have all seen those movies where men stranded in the desert put lipstick on their lips to keep them from cracking and bleeding. While it is a funny scene, it is true. Lips in the desert heat and sun will become cracked and peel.

I never leave the house without a chap stick in my pocket. Keys, change, cell phone, camera, ekey, wallet, and chap stick all go in my pockets. (Now you see why I like to wear cargo shorts) Lots of stuff to carry around and on days when I’m processing the Tucson MLS Statistics reports I throw a pocket calculator in the mix.

I know it might seem like a really odd gift to give someone, however, it is one of the most useful and practical gifts you can give to a new desert dweller.


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    Kind of a must have in Minnesota too. During the cold months the air is dry inside and sub zero weather is not very kind to the skin. They don’t make cloths with pockets for woman. I would tell you what I carry in my bag but I am afraid to look.

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    We use the stuff up here in the North too. The cold winters are not kind to the skin and the heated indoor air tends to be a bit dry. a -40 below wind chill will make lips crack and bleed. They don’t make womans cloths with pockets, I am sure there is a reason for it. I won’t list what I carry in my bag becasue I am afraid to look.

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