Texas Canyon and The Thing

Texas Canyon

Texas Canyon Lost in Time

Tucson Day Trip

If you are looking for a fun day trip out of Tucson head down I-10 past Benson, AZ to Texas Canyon.   There are several nice places to eat in Benson if you get there and want to take in a little small town atmosphere and some really good food.

Out of Benson at exit 318 is Dragoon road.   You will see the huge rocks that look like Idaho potatoes stacked on top of each other.   The canyon isn’t very long, but the rocks are quite unique.   As you can see from the photo above it looks like a scene from 1000 BC.   You almost expect to see a dinosaur go walking by.

Up I-10 a little further and you will see a rest area where you can pull of and see more of these unusual rock formation.   If you are into a picnic lunch this would be a good place for your base camp for the day.   Late afternoon will provide great light if you are into photography.

Up the road just another couple of miles at Exit 322 is “The Thing”.   You will have seen many bill boards for it on the way to Texas Canyon.   For a $1 you can take a quick walk through the collection of old antiques and a viewing of “The Thing”   written up in the book “Weird Arizona” it is one of those tourist “things” you can chalk up on your list of wild and weird places you have been in Arizona.

There’s a DQ there if you are into Buster or Dilly Bars.   Of course you can always get the only Blizzard available in Arizona in the winter at a DQ.

It is a fun drive and a great way to get out and see a unique spot in Arizona.   Texas Canyon will make a lasting impression.

The Thing

The Thing

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