The Crested Saguaro Cactus

Pima Canyon Crested Saguaro

Pima Canyon Crested Saguaro

One of the interesting anomalies here in the Desert Southwest are the Crested Saguaro Cactus. They are considered rare. Instead of the typical rounded point at the top these have a crest or crown at the top. Some of them will have crests at the ends of some of the arms as well.

You would be surprised how often you can see them while driving around Tucson if you know where to look. There aren’t a lot of them you can see from the road, but one very prominent crested saguaro is on Ina Road between Oracle and I-10. I’m not going to give the exact locations. That takes away all the fun of spotting it. Here is a picture of that particular crested saguaro cactus.

The one on this post is in Pima Canyon, just to the north off the Pima Canyon Trail. They are fun to spot and carrying a good pair of binoculars makes it an easier task. Spotting them is a lot like finding a needle in a haystack, but it isn’t impossible.

If you head out for a hike this weekend keep an eye out for a crested saguaro. Bring your camera long, they are an unusual find and fun to share with your family and friends.


  1. Roland says

    I enjoy finding these also. I like to ride in Starr Pass n Tucson Estates. There is one there called “Crestina”

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