The Guest House

The Guest House close to the main house but not too close

The Guest House close to the main house but not too close

A very popular feature of some Tucson homes is the Guest house. In earlier days before AC and inter-state highways people would come to the desert to escape the winter weather. Before they were called snow birds they were called guests.   A family member or members could come and spend the winter in their how guest quarters.   Not quite a house, and not quite a room.   The guest house was close enough to the main house and far enough away they could have privacy.

The they in this instance is whomever you wish to choose.   Those guest quarters are still very desireable in Tucson.   There aren’t many homes being built these days with a guest house making them a rare commodity.

The Sam Hughes Area

One of the areas of Tucson with quite a few guest houses is Sam Hughes.   This part of town is well known as a historical district and one in which a run down property that needs a lot of work can still sell for over $350,0o0.   Location is still significant even in this economy.   Want to know what is available in Sam Hughes

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