Tucson AZ Cotton

Okay, it isn’t grown in Tucson, you will find fields of cotton growing within a 20 minute drive of downtown Tucson. Now is the time for harvest. Those large white rectangles are not semi truck trailers they are giant bales of cotton ready to be picked up and shipped to the mills.

cotton fieldThe second image is a cotton plant up close but not personal. It isn’t personal because like almost all things that grow in the desert there are thorns, or at least sharp edges like thorns to the cotton pods that burst open and display the natural balls of cotton waiting to be picked.

I’ve never seen cotton up close before today. I’ve driven by fields of it for years, but till today I never stopped the car and walked over to see cotton up close.

It was an experience. After crossing the road I went down to the irrigation canal. Before getting there I had to walk through a strip of plowed ground.

tucson cotton plant It is the first time I have ever stepped into dry mud. I sunk into the soil over my ankles. Then I walked the plank across the irrigation ditch. The ditch was empty so I could have walked down in and back out, but the plank reminded me of when I was kid. A dozen steps and I was standing next to this cotton plant. Funny thing, I’ve seen the cut hands of cotton pickers, I wasn’t even tempted to reach out and attempt to touch it.

I’m quite satisfied touching the towels and sheets right here at home. But I am intrigued by the thought of bamboo sheets.


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    That brings back memories. Granddad was a cotton farmer in Gila Bend, I spent a good deal of my childhood visiting the cotton fields. We used to shoot skeet over the fields at Thanksgiving every year – not really something we can do in midtown Tucson. Cotton can be quite lovely when it is, well, greener, less dry, as shown here!

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    That is interesting, I don’t think I’ve ever seen cotton when it is blooming. I don’t even know what the flowers look like. But next year I’ll try and find a field when it is in bloom.

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