Tucson Do You Own a Pet Musk Ox

Care and feeding of your pet musk oxI wrote a book. Here is what the cover looks like. Pretty attractive isn’t it. I think the title is rather catchy as well The Care & Feeding of Your Pet Musk Ox

Informative as well as drawing attention to what a great pet a Musk Ox can be for the whole family, not just the kids.

If you look closely you can see the musk ox is smiling just a little. I don’t think it is because he is passing gas.

I don’t think it is because he just ate the family dog or fertilized the neighbors yard either. I think it is because he is a happy musk ox looking for a family who will be happy with him as their pet.

I’ll be honest, this book is not a best seller. It isn’t selling at all. I blame this on two things. The failing pet market and the guy that had the Musk Oxen Make Great Pets Farm. I wrote the book in the first place to be sold in the Musk Oxen Make Great Pets Gift Shop at the farm.

We both concluded that people just don’t want pets anymore. He sold the farm and shipped the musk oxen he had somewhere up north. It is too bad we got into the pet industry just at the time it was crashing and no one was buying pets anymore.

There is still a rumor that Dogs and Cats and some Fish are selling as pets but I don’t believe the rumor. We had the books and the musk ox farm for over a year and my friend didn’t sell a single musk ox and I didn’t sell a single book even with the catchy title and the smiling Musk Ox.


  1. Lise says

    Hello, We recently purchase 200 acres and would love to own musk ox. We do not know where to buy any. Please can you help us. We live in Ontario, Canada.
    Thank you,

  2. Claire says

    This is too cool. As a kid I actually really did always want a pet Musk Ox, I’m serious! They were my favorite animal and I was obsessed with them. I’m not even sure why, but I still think they’re totally cool. (Hee hee, no pun intended!) What a cute article!

  3. Steven says

    Hi guys,

    Incidentally I also want a musk ox.

    Has anyone found out where we can get one in the lower 48?

  4. Jessica says

    Where did your friend have his musk ox farm? Is your book informative? Is there a way to obtain a copy?

  5. says


    The Musk Ox ran off with the neighbor’s pig. That’s why he was smiling. The book is out of print. The one copy I had was informative, in a non-informative kind of way.

  6. Kimberley Walker says

    Daer Dave,
    It’s so nice to see Musk Oxies get the recognition they finally deserve. I’ve been asking my fiance for one for years! I’ve researched the by-laws of my city Warwick, RI, and although you cannot ride your pony across or on the sidewalk, there isn’t a single word in there prohibiting keeping a musk ox as a pet. Please keep up the good work, eventually people will come to realize how fabulous they are and then everyone will want one! (if you could throw in a good word to my fiance?) (hee-hee).

    Thanks for the chuckle,

  7. jv9f0 says

    pet musk ox? no….giving them away—STOOOOPID.

    you know what qivuit is? you know its like one of the most expensive natural fibers out there right? it’s prices make fine cashmere look like chinese hanes cotton.

    don’t want it as a pet….shave it and sell that walmart baggie for several hundred’s -no thousands of dollars to people who would do the following—-. better yet buy some sewing machines, do a lil learning and sell finished hats,gloves,shirts,pants using 100% q for ungodly amounts of money.

    since this is a fine luxury niche market you could even get that whole silly gay french name going on in a jiffy and be able to sell regular old cotton tshirts for x10 more because its a oxiate paul moosk moosk original.

    If I ever see a baby musk ox I m so going to snatch it. build it a freaking ice shed if I have to.

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