Tucson Pickleball

Pickleball is named after a dog not a vegetable.

Not A PickleballPickleball is a sport barely 20 years old that continues to grow in popularity and is played right here in Tucson. The Tucson Sr. Olympics features Pickleball as one of the events.

There are pickleball courts spread across Tucson and more to be built in the future.

An article in this weeks “Arizona Daily Star” featured pickleball. I’ll be honest, until then I had never heard of the sport. The Voyager RV Park near the end of Kolb road just past the Kolb I-10 exit is where my folks lived for quite a few years before moving next door to Trails West. The Voyager RV Park put in more pickleball courts to accomodate the increased demand at the park and for the Sr. Olympics competition.

Keep reading there’s a video but no quiz.

I’m pretty sure some of the scenes from the Pickleball association video are from the Voyager RV Park courts. It is about 12 minutes long and you can learn a lot about the sport from watching this introduction.

While Tucson Retirees might enjoy this sport it is far from being reserved just for them. There are many people on college campuses and community centers all across the country that enjoy playing pickleball.

Here is the link to the USA Pickleball Association website for more information.

You may have just found the perfect sport for winter in Tucson.


  1. Julie says

    I live in north-central Tucson (just n. of UA). Where can I can take lessons in pickleball or watch others play?

  2. says


    I would go to the US Pickleball website mentioned above and ask this question on their contact us page at the bottom of their home page.

    They should have know where you can get lessons. I know you can see the competition at the Voyager RV park where it is played regularly. The Voyager RV park is located near the end of Kolb road just past I-10.

    Here is the link to the associations website


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