Tucson River Walk Town homes Bought By A.F. Sterling

There have been a lot of questions about the Tucson River Walk Town homes. Like, “What happened to them?”   We have known for months they were in bankruptcy.   Now they have been bought by A.F. Sterling and two other partners who have purchase the 108 lots from The National Bank of Arizona for $3.1 million.

Tucson River Walk

Tucson River Walk Luxury Town Homes

I initially wrote about the Tucson River Walk Luxury Town homes back in August of 2007.   They opened with a string quartet playing outside the models the night of the Grand Opening.   These were different.   How?   They were three stories with a deck/loft outdoor barbecue kitchenette on the roof.

This has to be good news for those who have already purchased town homes and are living there currently.

The one thing we think would really be nice is a change of paint on the outside.   There is a difference between “Standing out” and “An Eye Sore”   They don’t blend will with their surroundings.   I understand the idea behind the colors being bright and southwestern, but it doesn’t work.

Three story New York style town homes with these BOLD colors . . .

This is a great sign that A. F. Sterling and their investors believe there is a profit to be made in this property and the adjoined property purchased.   It is always a good sign when builders are buying again especially when the economy is in recession.   It means they believe it is almost over the prices are as good as they are going to get.

You can read an article from the Sunday Business section of the Arizona Daily Star right here “Town homes hold glimmer of hope”


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    We are in touch with A.F. Sterling and will let you know when they have units ready to look at. It will probably be a month or more before they have anything that far along. There were 11 units partially constructed which should be the first ones available. I will let you know as soon as they have a model open.


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    The models aren’t open yet. They facility is open and now selling both Townhomes and Single Family. While the models are being done you can get an idea what they will look like at their website pages for The Villages at RiverWalk I’ll try and have new information available the first of next week.

    I’ll keep you posted on the progress.


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