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Here is a quick summary of the various article in the news this past week on water issues in Tucson and the Southwest. This is the second post in a series on Tucson Water issues. The series began with:

Tucson Running out of Water

April 4, 2007
“Arizona Daily Star”

Tucson Region Water Crisis Possible here within 3 Years

“Tucson businesses, apartment complexes and industries may face water-use restrictions by 2010 because of the relentless drought, the city’s water chief said Tuesday. …

Because spring runoff into Powell has been below normal for nine of the past 11 years, a state water official said Tuesday that the Central Arizona Project could have its first shortage as early as three years from now. That would trigger restrictions for many Tucson Water customers, although not homeowners.

Tucson and Phoenix would likely not face shortages until 2015 to 2020, said state water official Tom Carr, and Tucson homeowners wouldn’t face restrictions until such a shortage were declared.

‘Right now we are 10 feet higher in Powell than a year ago,” because last summer’s rains sent good flows from Colorado, Utah and Wyoming, said Tom Ryan, a bureau hydrologist.’ “

Reminder, we do live in the desert, water is always going to be an issue. One very big word in that title is “Possible

I could say “A water crisis is possible in the next year”

If it didn’t rain for a year in Tucson or Arizona a water crisis is possible.

April 6, 2007
“Arizona Daily Star”

Tucson Region: Study Predicts Dustbowl Southwest

This is based on a computer model. The interesting thing about many computer models, the model is based on the bias of the scientist programming the computer.

Do you have any idea how many “scientist” live off the grants they receive?

Even this model has some interesting bits:

“Dust-bowl conditions of the 1930s could become the norm in the Southwest by the end of this century, or sooner, because global warming will bring drier weather, a new national study said Thursday. …
Scientists who prepared the report predicted that most of the Southwest will get 10 percent to 20 percent less rain and snow by the end of the 21st century.”

The comments on this article are some of the most interesting reading.

There will always be alarmist among us.

April 6, 2007
“Tucson Citizen”

Water Initiative Could Curb Growth

“A group of residents wants to place on the November city ballot an initiative that would limit new development during lengthy water shortages. …

The “elephant” is the growing population and demand for water in times when climate forecasters are warning that the Southwest may be at the beginning of a decades-long drought that could leave the region in desperate straits if demand exceeds supply. “

You don’t have to live in Tucson very long to realize a couple of things:

  1. Almost no one living in Tucson was born here
  2. Once here there are some that don’t want anyone else here

When I see a sentence like the one above “May, Could, If” hummm!

I think of all the things that may happen given the right conditions that I could say things about if other things and conditions were to come to pass.

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