A home with special spaces for your four-legged family member

Our pets are part of our family and keep us physically active, relieve stress, lower blood pressure, lower risk of heart attacks, and alleviation of depression.  Your pets can make you smile when you’re just feeling a bit down.  Petting and hugging your pets brings your stress levels down.  So, why shouldn’t they have special places in the home as they are an integral part of your family?


The trend toward pet consciousness is on the rise with a new home design called “barkitecture.”  This idea creates comfortable and stylish space for humans and their four-legged family members. 

One of the most popular designs is adding a dog wash station in a mudroom or garage.  This makes it easy and less messy for a bath after an outdoor adventure or rainy muddy days.  All you need is a faucet with a flexible hose attachment and an elevated tiled platform with drain, providing easy in and out access to your fur baby, all while limiting the mess of tracking water around the house.  Make it cute with photos of you and your pet and throw in some toys and/or treats so they look forward to the baths.  If you do not have a mudroom or room in your garage, simply install a specially designed grooming hand shower and attachments in your existing tub or shower.  

Keep the food and water bowls out of sight and away from foot traffic by installing hidden built-in feeding stations.  You can incorporate them into the kitchen island, including a pot filler faucet for the pet’s water bowl.  

Install an under-counter mini refrigerator and/or a dedicated cabinet for Milo’s culinary delights.  Convert a pantry or closet into a fun pet lounge or crates built into cabinetry.  Get custom made pet furniture to match your décor.  

What have you done to your home for your four-legged family members?

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