Arizona Mistletoe – Getting Rid of Holly

Can You Help We Have to Get Rid of Holly

It was Monday morning, the start of a new week or the continuation of a long month, depends on how you look at it. The phone rang and I could tell from one side of the conversation it was something to do with a letter one of our sellers got from their Home Owners Association.

Kill Holly? or Something Like That

MistletoeA quick call to the HOA revealed it wasn’t Holly eradication (Whew, all of you named Holly can breath a sigh of relief). It was mistletoe. Mistletoe, heck I didn’t even know the stuff grew in Arizona. I’ll readily admit most mistletoe I’ve seen is plastic and hanging over doorways at Christmas. I went on a search to find this dreaded mistletoe and find out why anyone would want to kill something associated with romance and holiday celebrations.

It didn’t take long. True Mistletoe it turns out is a parasite plant which grows on trees and relies on the tree for most of its nourishment and water.

If left unchecked it will eventually kill the host tree. When I saw a picture of what it looked like I immediately realized I’ve seen this stuff everywhere. To my Midwestern view of life in the woods they appeared to be nests of some sort; I never gave them a second thought.

Now I’m aware of how destructive this plant is to the trees all around us. It strikes to the center of my romantic heart that something so long associated with a kiss can be so deadly, and parasitic no less. If you want to learn more about mistletoe check out True Mistletoe.

However, if you are still getting over the news there is no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny then maybe you should wait a while longer to learn about mistletoe.

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