Will A Government Shutdown Shut You Out of a Mortgage?

Congress Government Shutdown

A Government Shutdown Does Not Likely Mean You Are Shut Out of a Mortgage A frequent question I am hearing recently is how a government shutdown affects mortgage lending. From time to time, the United States government “shuts down” and the impacts vary based on the time of year and the length of the shutdown. … Read more

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Interest Rates – How to Lower Yours

Interest Rate thoughts got you down? Let me lift you up Did you know the average mortgage interest rate from 1971 to 2017 (for a conventional loan with a borrower putting 20% down payment and a 740 credit score) was 8.21%?  30-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgages Since 1971 As for rates on November 26, 2018, the current … Read more

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Do Elections Impact Real Estate and Mortgage Markets?

Do Elections impact the real estate and mortgage markets? Election time produces different levels of emotions to the populace but does it impact the real estate and mortgage markets? In reality, after most November elections, the general driver of real estate market remains the existing health of the economy, the existing market conditions of the … Read more

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