Tucson MLS Statistics September 2008

August came and disappeared before I even wrote a detailed look at the Statistics. I didn’t realize this till I set out to create the Stats table for September. August was a very decent month and September was even better compared to year over year and month over month. Tucson MLS Statistics Sept 08 – … Read more

What’s Happening September 30, 2008

It’s not a bailout it is the Emergency Economic Stability Act I never prefer the media spin on what is going on, period. The selling of the Emergency Economic Stability Act as some kind of fat cat bailout is just one example. There are plenty of negative opinions to be found everywhere about this bill. … Read more

Feds Fuel Fannie and Freddie

The Four F’s for Today Yes, the BIG NEWS! for the economy and the housing industry is the take over of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. I hesitate to use the word “takeover” but it almost seems appropriate. No one really knows what this means yet. In the Sunday Business section of the Arizona Daily … Read more

You Thought Mortgage Fraud Was Over Think Again

It seems the downturn in the housing market has done more than cause cracks in stucco.   Since the mortgage industry meltdown last August there have been tighter and tighter restrictions on the Mortgage industry in an effort to curb fraud.   I for one thought it must be better now. After reading Kenneth Harney … Read more