Claiming a Blog at Technorati

I’m having a great time trying to get this blog up and running, NOT! There seem to be more missing files, and cryptic language to getting a blog up than there was to put a man on the moon.   No matter what I do I can’t seem to claim my blog and I envy people that just click “Add” and every thing works.

I found at least four plug-ins for technorati tags for WordPress, but most don’t go anywhere.   I’ve installed one, but have no idea how it works, or if it works, no documentation.

Blogging with WordPress server, really is the wild wild west

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  1. Well, late this evening I finally was able to Claim My Blog, not that it didn’t take at least twenty times of trying and getting a sorry, here is technorati help, which wasn’t any help.

    If you are trying to claim your blog, just keep trying eventually you will get through.

    And I read, it helps if you manually ping them while you are waiting.

    Dave in Tucson

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