Downtown Tucson Development Report – Summer 2018

The Downtown Tucson Development Report – Summer 2018

is provided by The Downtown Tucson Partnership, a great organization you might not even know exists. We hope this serves as an introduction or reminder of how this partnership is working to help Tucson and the people that live here.

Their Mission Statement

To be the catalyst for making Downtown Tucson the place people want to live, work, and play; where new ideas happen; and that is the economic development and cultural epicenter of the region.

The Downtown Tucson Partnership site provides data and reports about what is going on with Downtown Tucson Development and projects. These projects include business development and housing development, completed, in progress, and projected.

On June 26, 2018 they released The Downtown Tucson Development Report – Summer 2018. If you live in Tucson, or are interested in things related to Downtown Tucson this report contains a wealth of information.

Downtown Tucson Housing Development

This is one small graph (click/tap the image to enlarge) shows a summary of what is happening with new housing in downtown Tucson. To see the full housing section go to page 9 of the report. Note 15% of the projected housing is for Low-Income & Senior housing and 14% is marked Affordable housing.

It is encouraging to see new development going on downtown.  It is true Tucson has lagged behind Phoenix in it’s recovery from the recession.  Even so all the new development seems to indicate the downtown economy is picking up substantially both currently and in the future.

The entire report in PDF form is available below. If you are interested in the business and housing development both current and future projections; take a look at the entire report. It is a great resource.

Get your copy of The Downtown-Development-Report-Summer-2018

Tucson is a great place to work and live in Arizona. The future looks bright and encouraging for businesses and people living in Tucson.

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