Have You Ever Fed an Ostrich

A must visit place for young and old alike, is the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch.   It is a three-generation family owned and operated working ostrich ranch.  I have taken the kids, grandkids, family members and friends to this most wonderful place.  So many fond memories.  Picacho Peak is just a short drive from Tucson or Phoenix.  It’s been featured in Arizona Highways and Amazing Animals, just to name a few.

Have fun feeding the critters such as:

  • Ostrich
  • Rainbow Lorikeets
  • Cownose Stingrays
  • Huge Desert Tortoises
  • The Hole in the Wall Gang and the Goat Penthouse
  • Miniature Sicilian Donkeys
  • Fallow Deer
  • Peking Ducks
  • St. Croix Sheep
  • Bunnies
  • Diving Ducks
  • Chickens

Enjoy a fun day at the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch followed by yummy desert at the Dairy Queen across the street.  There is also a great Arizona souvenir gift shop in the travel center across the highway.

In the comments section below and tell me who your favorite critter was.

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