The Job Search in Tucson: Popular Jobs and Companies

When considering moving to a new area, many factors need to be evaluated. From the labor market, to the local economy, to the real estate market, nothing can be ignored. A quick glance at Tucson reveals some favorable statistics. The cost of living is five percent less than the national average and it is one of the most affordable metros in the Sunbelt. Furthermore, the median home cost is below the national average.


That all sounds appealing. But before moving to a new place, you need to have an idea if you can actually get a job there to support yourself. Good news though – the Tucson labor market looks positive as well! As of October 2016, the unemployment rate in Tucson is equal to the national average, standing at 4.8 percent. While the median base salary in Tucson is below the national average, the low cost of living and cheaper real estate helps balance this out. With over nine thousand open jobs, job seekers have their pick of companies, industries, and positions.


Did that convince you to move to Tucson and start your job search? Read on for some more insight into the local job market to help prepare yourself.


3 Popular Job Searches in Tucson


  1. Administrative Assistant is one of the more popular job searches in Tucson. With 562 job openings in the area, job seekers have quite a bit of variety to choose from. Administrative assistants in Tucson make an average salary of $32,256, which is on par with the national average for admins. This is promising for those looking to enter the field given Tucson’s median base salary is below the national average, but admin salaries have kept pace. Convinced to start applying for an open admin position? Get ready for your interview by preparing answers to story-based questions about time management, communication style, and organizational skills. Some popular questions to prepare with include:
    • How do you accomplish your daily duties when there are frequent interruptions?
    • Name a time when you knew your immediate supervisor was wrong about an issue. What was the issue, and how did you handle it?
    • Tell me how you would prioritize several very important deadlines all due at the same time.
  2. Another common job search in Tucson is Pharmacist. While there are only 96 job openings for pharmacists, Tucson job seekers scoring these positions can expect a handsome salary. Pharmacists in the area earn an average salary of $127,021, far above both the national average for pharmacists and the average salary for Tucson workers. If you choose to pursue this path, prepare yourself for a tough interview that encompasses a wide variety of questions. Expect to go from being quizzed on your knowledge of drugs one minute to behavioral interview questions addressing your interpersonal skills the next. Consider practicing with the following common questions:
    • How would you handle a difficult customer?
    • How comfortable do you feel looking up information on clinical questions that you may not know the answer to?
    • Tell us about a time you made a mistake and how you handled it.
  3. If you are looking for a different route in the healthcare industry in Tucson, Registered Nurse, see nursing jobs within a 100 mile radius of Tucson, AZ. While the average RN salary in Tucson is slightly below the national average at $60,450, it is still far above the area’s median salary. If this appeals to you, get ready for  your interview by reviewing common medical practices and procedures. In addition, be ready to answer these popular questions:
    • How do you deal with an uncooperative family member or patient?
    • What do you find to be the most rewarding thing about nursing?
    • How would you advocate for a patient who is in pain when the physician is refusing to order pain medication?

    In addition to these three questions another source for Interview questions is Daniel Diaz article: 62 Nursing Interview Questions and Answers – The Complete Guide for RN Jobs


These jobs require pretty specific skills; if none of these fit your expertise, don’t worry! Several highly-searched companies in Tucson are hiring.


3 Popular Companies in Tucson


  1. University of Arizona is the city’s largest employer in the public sector, with over 10 thousand employees. The U of A employs a large percentage of the Tucson population and according to Glassdoor, these workers are pretty satisfied. The average company rating on Glassdoor is 3.3; the University of Arizona comes in far above that with a 4.1 star rating. Interested in joining the happy bunch? Check out one of their 67 open jobs and start applying. Wondering what to expect if you get an offer? Employees cite a standard benefits package of health insurance, vacation and PTO, and professional development programs.
  2. Raytheon is the largest private employer in Tucson. While Raytheon’s headquarters is in Waltham, MA, a healthy 10 thousand people work at their Tucson branch. An 89 percent approval rating of CEO Thomas A. Kennedy indicates the workforce’s high satisfaction with their leader. If this convinced you to join their team, you are in luck. The Tucson office has over 330 job openings at this time. If you get hired, you will receive a benefits plan consisting of a 401k plan, generous vacation and PTO, and health insurance.
  3. Looking for something in the tech field instead? Intuit, while headquartered in Mountain View, CA, has a large workforce in Tucson consisting of 800 people. Intuit has a 4.3 star company rating and their CEO, Brad Smith, has a 97 percent approval rating. With 82 open jobs at this time, you could join just about any team. If you get hired, be ready to celebrate the benefits and perks package. You won’t be left wanting since their package includes a comprehensive group of benefits, as well as more exciting perks like an on-site gym, large product discounts, and PTO to volunteer.


These companies and jobs won’t fit everyone’s interests and skills. Luckily, Tucson boasts several other opportunities to get excited about. Consider working for one of the 30 companies that are headquartered in the area. If you don’t want to be in the hustle and bustle of the city, think about applying for jobs in the Tucson metro area (Marana and Oro Valley are great places to start your search). And don’t get discouraged! The job search can be stressful and disenchanting, but try to remember that you are moving to an area experiencing tremendous growth. Stay persistent and it will pay off.

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