Positive Vibes in the World of Covid19

It Will Be Okay

I was out on my morning three to four mile walk and went through a new neighborhood today. What I saw really caught my eye and touched my heart, sidewalk art. Children are staying busy and drawing on sidewalks in their neighborhood giving fun messages to their friends such as scavenger hunts, directing you to do fun and silly things like dancing, spinning, jumping, and shouting out something positive for the world to hear.

Chalk Art Kind of Day

As adults, we need more things like that to keep the positive vibes out there for those that need it on a daily basis. Don’t take the world too seriously, keep the faith and let your love shine through just as our children do. Never lose your sense of wonder.

Take advantage of this time to rekindle your relationships and do the things you have put off for so long. Get out and enjoy our beautiful Tucson weather and the breathtaking scenery we are blessed with.

Love and hugs to you all.

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