Registered Nursing Jobs in Tucson

Registered Nursing Jobs in Tucson

In April 2017 we featured the post: The Job Search in Tucson: Popular Jobs and Companies Featured were three popular job searches for Tucson.

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Pharmacist
  • Registered Nurse

A couple of weeks ago Daniel Diaz contacted us about an article he had written and thought it would be a great companion piece to Registered Nurse section. He included a link to his article 62 Nursing Interview Questions and Answers – The Complete Guide for RN Jobs

It is a great article. If you are interested in the field of nursing and applying for a nursing position in Tucson you really want to read Daniel’s article.

That’s not all (But wait there’s more) no not selling Ginsu knives, but I am pitching a guy that loves the field of nursing and is a good writer. Here is a list of other articles Daniel has written for The Clip.

Daniel also has a podcast dedicated to nursing. You can find a list of his Podcast episodes and subscribe to his podcast at Project Nurse Podcast.

One of Daniel’s articles I really love is this one  The art of storytelling in nurse interviews: How to be truly memorable.

Tucson has a large and diverse medical community.  There is always a need for Registered Nurses in Tucson.

If you or anyone you know is looking for a position as a Registered Nurse they should check out the opportunities available in Tucson.

Nursing jobs within a 100 mile radius of Tucson, AZ.

View Active listings within 3 miles of U of A hospital

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