Sabino Canyon Sunday Afternoon

Last Sunday afternoon we decided to take a hike in Sabino Canyon State Park. There are lots of trials, short and long, difficult and easy and all of them surrounded by desert beauty. Cactus (of course) wildflowers in abundance and water. Yes, actual flowing water and it was cold, but refreshing.

Initially we started for 7 falls, but a guide said it wasn’t possible because there were several crossing where the water was over waste deep. We headed in that general direction to see how far we could get. It wasn’t long till the sound of running water was easy to hear. When we got to the crossing many people were taking off their shoes and socks; some were simply plunging right ahead. Some of the kids were joining arms and running back and forth through the water.

Running Water Swift and Cold

The water was pretty swift and very cold. It was snow and rain run-off from the storms of a week ago. The water was very clear and the bottom was visible no matter how swift or deep the water. It was beautiful.

I took the image at the top of the page just before we went back up onto the trail and crossed.

There are plenty of places in the park to ride bikes as well as hike.

If you have a National Park Pass you can simply leave it on the dash of your car and take the quick entrance lane for those with a pass.

There are also plenty of exhibits to see both indoors and out.

I hope we can get back there for a few hours before the water slows to a trickle or disappears all together. There were a few that brought beach chairs and found a shady spot near the water to sit with their feet in the sand, with a good book and a cooler next to their chair.

There is something about the sound of running water, a cool breeze and mountains in every direction that help you unwind and reconnect.

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2 thoughts on “Sabino Canyon Sunday Afternoon”

  1. We were there on Sunday as well and found it to be a beautiful canyon. We attempted to complete the 7 falls route but because we started so late in the day, we just couldn’t make it. It was the first time I’ve ever “forded” a river and didn’t do so well at it. We’ll definitely be back but because we’re from Iowa, it will be a while.

  2. SG,

    Glad to hear you will be back. When you do make it to the falls send us a picture. Safe travels till then. (I lived in West Des Moines Iowa for 18 years).


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