The Seasons of Real Estate in Tucson

Tomatoes after harvest
I grew up in Ohio where every year we had a garden. I knew when it was time to get out the tractor, plow the garden, get it ready to plant and when to put what seeds and plants in the ground. How did I know all this being just a boy, my dad told me what to do.

It was like second nature for our family. We had to time the planting to match the time needed for the plants to grow and to make sure it wasn’t too early so they wouldn’t freeze, or two late and the heat would damage the plants.

Every thing had a time, corn, tomatoes, beans, peas, all different. All in the same garden, but each with their specific timing and needs.Plant the corn too early and it could frost and lose the crop, plant the peas too late and it gets hot and they die before they mature.To everything a season.

We would never think of trying to plow anything but snow in December, or harvest in February and if we did everyone would think we were crazy.The seasons are different here in Arizona, I can plant peas in October or December and have them grow, I can plant tomatoes in the winter, but no peas in the summer.

Did you know there are seasons of Real Estate? If you don’t know the seasons of real estate for your home in Tucson can you expect a good results?

Seasons of Real Estate in Tucson

String of vegetablesThere are three seasons of real estate in Tucson.

  1. The Active Adult Season or Snowbird Season
    This season runs from September to February with prime times October and January.
  2. The Family Season or Honey Grab the Kids We’re Moving
    This season runs from April to August when school starts in the old pueblo.
  3. The Campus or University Season Thank God They are Leaving
    This one runs from April to July Parents are looking for a place for their college students to live for four year then they sell it hopefully for a profit. There is a small window at semester break for transfers but that is limited to a small number of people.

School is starting in Tucson, some have already started. Most parents with school age children have already relocated but some are still coming. There are some parents looking for their college age children that made last minute decisions to transfer to the U of A or decided late they didn’t want to live in the dorms. Most however, in these last two categories have already made their purchases.

There are still some people relocating without school age children that have not retired yet. Those aren’t usually part of the seasons since they come and go when employment or opportunity dictates.

It will be just another month when the early arrivals will begin for the active adult snowbird season. They usually want smaller homes or town homes some even preferring condos. There is always something in season here in Tucson.

If you own a home near the U of A campus and want to sell it can you see when the season of real estate is for that home?
If you have a home in an active adult community especially a gated active adult community; do you know when the season is for that home?
How about a family home with lots of bedrooms near a great school; do you know when the season is for that home?

Can you sell a home out of season? Of course.
Is it easier to sell a home in season? Yes it is.

Do you know the seasons of real estate for where you live?

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