Shopping for a Home – Bring Objective Eyes

IrisABring along an Objective Friend

Shopping for a home can be daunting, exciting, fun, all of the above. 

Taking notes, bringing along a tape measure, listing sheets, calculator, camera to help remember your favorites; these are all things that are often on the list for a prospective home buyer.

One thing that often doesn’t make the list is someone who can go with you with who can be objective about the houses you see.

Why Objective Set of Eyes

We know what you are thinking about when you go into each home, because we have done the same thing.  You wonder how your furniture will fit in the rooms.  You think you might need to buy a new big screen to fill that space.  You are picking out colors for walls, floors, rooms, and wondering how all your things will fit in the kitchen.  In essence you are busy working on how your stuff and your family will fit in this place.  These are all good things and you need to be thinking about these things.  But you need to be thinking about other things before you start moving into the home mentally.

irisbugsYou need someone to see the warts, the cracks, the potential red flags that you are too busy to notice while mentally moving in.

Like these yellow Iris, at first glance they are beautiful and would be lovely cut and in a vase on the dining room table.

However, upon closer inspection we see they are covered in bugs.  It doesn’t mean we don’t want the flowers; but we won’t take them right in the house.  First we need to remove the bugs.

The same is true when we are looking at homes.  It is very helpful to have an objective set of eyes to find the things we need to take into consideration when evaluating potential properties to purchase.  It doesn’t mean you won’t buy the property, it does mean you have additional factors in making your decision beyond will your dining room table fit in the dining room.

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