Should I put my house on the market in December

Should I put my house on the market in December is a question that floats around every year. There is so much going on in December maybe we should pull our home off the market and list again in January once the holidays are over.

You should consider these things when trying to decide if you will list your home in December or take it off the market during December.

  • Inventory is still low and there are serious buyers out there.  You know they have to be serious to be looking during the holidays.
  • Transactions seem to run a little quicker and smoother as there are fewer of them in December.  If you wait until after the holidays, there will be more competition getting back to the norm after the holidays.
  • Put up a few holiday decorations and make your house warm, cozy and inviting.  The smells of the holidays bring back fond memories.  Have your REALTOR host a fun holiday open house with baked goods and holiday cheer.

Go ahead, do not fear putting your home on the market. 

Bring on the holiday spirit.

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