Silestone on Tucson Kitchen Countertops

Silestone Kitchen Counter
Silestone Kitchen Counter

In a buyers market one of the incentives sellers are adding, including new construction are upgrades to the kitchen and bath counter-tops. While granite is the buzz word, the superior alternative is Silestone.

If we didn’t all have enough to be concerned about now there are reports of Radon gas being released from granite countertops.  Ok, yeah, but look at it like this, there is methane released from your cats and dogs but it won’t blow up the house.

Silestone is a man made product made from Quartz, formed into 5′ x 10′ sheets. It doesn’t have to be sealed, it is resistant to heat, meaning you can set hot stuff on it and it won’t crack. It won’t stain, even if you spill red wine or olive oil on it.

You can purchase it at Home Depot in a variety of colors and edge patterns. It is also used for backsplashes in a kitchen in place of a tile backsplash.

If you visit the Silestone web site.   Please wait for it to cycle off the tribute to 1968 colors to the countertops which look like granite.

We have Silestone countertops and backsplashes in our kitchen and countertop in our laundry room.   We have loved them since day one.   They were installed three years ago and they look the same as they did the day they were installed.

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