Sun Corridor Inc – Southern Arizona Economic Engine

The Sun Corridor Inc site is pure gold.

Sun Corridor Inc. is a Southern Arizona Economic Engine. It doesn’t take very long to discover they have the pulse of economic development in Southern Arizona.

If you aren’t aware of this great resource let us introduce you. Interested in economic development and the future of Southern Arizona, this is the place to gather information.

They provides insight and in depth content about what has happened, is happening and future economic development in Tucson and all of Southern Arizona.

The Sun Corridor News and Twitter feed section on the homepage provides a quick way to keep abreast of the latest events and plans for Southern Arizona.

Sun Corridor Inc. isn’t just reporting about Economic development in the area, it is driving it.

This organization is very active in attracting new business, creating employment opportunities for individuals and families living in Southern Arizona.

There are resources you can download scattered throughout the site. The recently updated Southern Arizona Quick Facts is a beautifully presented document filled with graphs and statistics of interest to anyone thinking about moving to Southern Arizona.

I could go on and on about Sun Corridor Inc., however, my purpose is to peak your interest in finding out more about the resources provided by Sun Corridor Inc. Take a few minutes, check them out and discover the future of economic development in our area.

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