Tiki Head Headed for New Home at The Hut

Gum Gum Dumb Dumb
Gum Gum Dumb Dumb

One of the Outstanding “Oddities” of Tucson is the Tiki Head that once was a part of Carpet Golf in East Speedway.   It has a new home and soon a body.

It has been moved to Forth Avenue and will be the Greeter at the main entrance of The Hut.

On August 29 there will be a party.   Tiki themed bands, fireworks, music, and a lot of fun.   It will be great to see the old Tiki Head, or as well call him GUM GUM DUMB DUMB on Forth Ave. and with a body to boot.

I never played putt putt at Carpet Golf.   I’m not even sure it was open when I moved here in August of 1999.   But I have certainly driven by the location and spent a few hours at Chuck E Cheese across the street and once while taking a short headache break from the noise inside stepped out and took this picture of the big guy.

I’ve never seen him move his lips or blow bubble gum.   But is hasn’t stopped us from nicknaming him Gum Gum Dumb Dumb.

Let’s hope he has a long, long run at “The Hut”

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