Tile Floors in Tucson can Suck

The Wrong Tile Floors

Two floor tile
Sometimes, as we are getting ready to list properties to put on the market we run into Home Improvements that weren’t all they should have been.

Tile floors that cut corners

What do I mean by cut corners, the biggest one, they didn’t buy any extra tile.

Why would you need extra tile? The biggest issue we run into is taking shortcuts to save a dime. Ex.

Temporary built-in book cases, shelves, cabinets. It is much easier to remove these, tile under them and replace, than it is to try piecing in unmatched tile when it is time to sell.

Skipping closet floors and stopping just under the door is another shortcut that can suck when you go to sell.

Think about buying 2 or 3 extra  boxes.

Saltillo Tile

While Saltillo tile might not be considered something that sucks, it can greatly limit the prospects for potential buyers. Saltillo is pretty much an acquired taste. It can be high maintenance and some people simply don’t like the unevenness of the tile or the wide grout lines. (ex. women who wear high heels).

Tile Color

Just because you got a good deal at Home Depot on those close out pink tile doesn’t mean it is a good deal.  The tile you have installed should match the style of the home.  In today’s market they should be no less than 16 inch tile, 18 inch are even better.  Carpet is easy to change out, tile is not.  Do not pick a color that will date your home in a couple of years.

Tile Size and Surface

Already mentioned that 16 to 18 inch tile are better, but 4 inch tile are dated, if the tile you install are smooth (slick) topped tile that can cause you to slip easily when they are wet is not something you want to install in Tucson.  There are so many homes in Tucson which are sold to snowbirds and retirees you don’t want to install a tile which when wet can cause people to slip and fall.

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