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UPDATE: Dec. 12, 13, 14 are the dates for 2008
It is once again time of the winter 4th Ave. street fair, IT STARTS TODAY 10 AM to Dusk through Sunday. It is always a welcome event but even more so this year. Since there have been some street closures making it more difficult to get to the section of 4th Ave. where the Winter Street Fair is held each year. You can read all about it at the Tucson Citizen Hip 4th Ave. suffers big business falloff.

Here is just a excerpt from the article.

“The 38th annual winter street fair opens Friday and runs through Sunday and is expected to attract tens of thousands to a myriad of crafts, arts, food and entertainment concessionaires along six blocks of Fourth Avenue.”

tucson fourth avenue trolleyI swung by there yesterday to see how things were progressing for this years winter street fair. Tents were going up, the street was closed, which allowed me to stand in the middle of the street to take one of the pictures for this post and not worry about being hit by a car.

I remember the first time I was on 4th Ave. (Does it seem strange to you that an Avenue would sponsor a Street Fair?) It was a little magical. The shops are painted in some very vivid colors. We were there shopping for Halloween costumes. There are a lot of shops up and down about a nine block stretch with all kinds of interesting stores and shops.

tucson fourth avenue street carWhat really caught my attention was when the street car came rumbling right down the middle of the street. I heard that sound of metal on wire coming from behind me. I hadn’t heard that sound since I was a kid living near Mansfield, Ohio. We would go to town for groceries or to Sears on the town square and there would be street cars. To a kid 5 years old they looked HUGE! And that sound of the metal on metal and the sight of the sparks coming off the wires made quite an impression.

I turned around and there it was, not the same color, but a street car none the less. Right down the middle of the street just like when I was a kid. I never rode the thing, never any need, we were in town in the car. Some day I would like to ride this one. Today it was parked right in an intersection between 4th Ave. and University. It is scheduled to have the tracks extended in the construction project which currently is making it difficult for many to get to this section of 4th Ave.

tucson fourth avenue shopsLots of arts and crafts, literally thousands of people which all add to the atmosphere of this annual winter street fair. If you are looking for something really fun to do this weekend. (The street fair runs today, Saturday and Sunday) then I would venture down to the 4th Ave. Winter Street Fair. Bring an appetite and your camera, this section of Tucson has a flavor all it’s own. If you enjoy photography, there are plenty of very colorful shops to snap.

Every where you look there are little alcoves and niches of culture and some counter-culture which will attract your camera lens. The picture of an empty 4th Ave. is something you won’t be able to take this weekend. I don’t know if the trolley will be running or not. I don’t expect it to be running with all the people in the streets, but the kid in me sure hopes so.

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  1. And as luck would have it, the weather has to be awful this weekend… :-( It was perfectly fine all week while most of us were stuck in their cages.

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