Tucson Air Show 2008

Davis Monthan Air Show 2008

Tucson Air Show 2007 No Show in 2008Some people refer to this event as the Tucson Air Show, others by the official name The Davis Monthan Air Show. I’ve been finding a lot of people searching for information on when the 2008 air show will be held.

I’ve done some checking myself into this because I like others have been curious about the dates. I love seeing the old and new planes in the sky practicing before the show and then seeing them in the sky during it.

Here is what I found.

Davis Monthan Air Show 2009

“THE NEXT DM AIR SHOW WILL BE IN 2009. The show is held on alternating years and has proudly hosted the Thunderbirds, Blue Angels and a variety of first class performers.”

It was held every other year. Time goes by so quickly I never realized there were 2 years between these events.

For complete information and updates on the 2009 Davis Monthan Air Show visit   Davis Monthan Air Show.   The images to the right are from that site.

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3 thoughts on “Tucson Air Show 2008”

  1. Ann,

    That link was active until recently when it simply went to “Nothing Here”. I’ve checked all around and it appears to have disappeared completely.

    I’ve looked at Air Show schedules from around the country and Tucson is not on any of the lists. It appears to have died a quiet and unceremonious death.

    I leave the link up in hope the site will return. It was there.

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