Tucson and Italy What do They have in Common

Tucson and Italia Much In Common

Tucson Italia
Tucson Italia

You might not have thought Tucson and Italy have much in common.   But think about it.   Tucson has Mountains, Italy has mountains.   You can see from the photo, there is   a mountain in the background.   There are Italian Cypress trees growing all over Tucson.   The stucco and lemon tree, right down to the curve in the fence leading up to a gate located to the left of this image.

We have Pizza in Tucson, a lot of good pizza, it might not taste or look anything like pizza you would find in Italy but we have it.   There are a lot of similarities between Tucson and parts of Italy.

We have some very good wine that comes from Southern Arizona Vineyards.   No it isn’t Italian wine but it rates pretty good.   You won’t find the miles and miles of vineyards in Tucson, but if you drive down Magee just off La Cholla you will find a vineyard.   It looks like it could be set in Italy.   It has brick pavers leading up to the gate which looks like it came from Italy.   The tree in the middle of the vineyard, the vines, that stakes; it all looks like a setting right out of Italy.

Frost Gelato Shop

Frost Gelato at Oracle and Ina
Frost Gelato at Oracle and Ina

Everything about Frost is Italian, from the Gelato Master to all the equipment used to make the Gelato.   We have friends that visit Italy on occasion, Dave always says you can’t get real Italian Gelato in the states.   We took him to Frost.   It took a while but he had to admit, it was “almost like Italian Gelato”   I think it was because he was in Tucson.

Cross the street from Frost on Oracle and you come to Tavelino’s.


7090 N Oracle Rd
Tucson, AZ 85704
(520) 531-1913

Located off Oracle at Ina.   Italian, yes.   Step inside and forget you are in Tucson.   Transported to Itailia itself, the smells from the kitchen to the painting and posters on the wall you are in a little bit of Italy.   The food is magnifico, the smells will drive you wild.   Right down to the Grappa you can order and have served at your table.

Mountains, Pizza, Wine, Frost Gelato, Cypress Trees, Vineyards, (ok not much for vineyards) Tile roofs and Tavolino’s it is still Tucson in the desert Southwest.   But it doesn’t take much of an imagination to transport yourself to Italia.

Someday I hope to visit Italy, I really do; but till then I will enjoy the little bit of Italia I can have right here in Tucson.

Italian Vineyard in Tucson
Italian Vineyard in Tucson

4 thoughts on “Tucson and Italy What do They have in Common”

  1. Dave,
    I just ate at Tavolino’s yesterday! The food is great & you’re right, you do feel like you’re somewhere else. There’s another great little Tucson Italian place called Vero Amore at Camp Lowell & Swan. Check that one out sometime. They serve the Frost Gelato on their menu. I think the owners are friends with the owners of Frost. Thanks for always paving a creative way in your postings!

    Sarah Ley’s last blog post..Inauguration Day is Here!

  2. No way, I’m Italian and this doesn’t look like Italy at all, Here there are lemon trees and orange trees and olive trees, but they are just for show, not for use it; if look like Italy then is just a false, like the Venice reconstruction in Las Vegas.
    And where is the water?????

    Marco’s last blog post..The treason of intellectuales

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