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Sun Lite LanternsIt is Labor Day 2007. This is Tucson and it is HOT! I made a decision not to focus too much this weekend on articles in the paper or national news because, well because who wants to read that stuff on the weekend. I’ve been researching most of the weekend for posts coming up the rest of this week.

I’m also always researching ways to keep this blog content fresh and interesting. One of the thing I like most is to add color and images that make the reading interesting. I also like those images to be big. I am and always have been a fan of big images.

monsoonI realize if you don’t have a fast Internet connection these images can increase the time it take this site to come up in your browser. So today’s post is about trying to speed up the load time, decrease the page size for each post and still provide a way to see images.

If you click on the image it will open an viewing window and display the larger image. I like being able to display the larger images on the blog, but if it slows down loading to the point you don’t want to read then it doesn’t matter how pretty the picture might be.

Once you click on the image and the window opens up you can click to the right to move to the next image, to the left to move to the previous if it isn’t the first image. click anywhere outside of the image to close the image viewer.

That’s all for today. If you would let me know which you prefer. I’ll try the small images for a few day unless I get an overwhelming number of comments wanting the larger images back in the posts. Hope you have all had a great Labor Day 2007.

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