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  • Did you know there are lake homes in Tucson?
  • Did you know there are homes with grass in Tucson?
  • Did you know Flowers grow on cactus?
  • Did you know there are tall beautiful palm trees growing in the desert?
  • Did you know you can make pancakes from the pods ground into flour from a mesquite tree and pancake syrup from the fruit of a saguaro cactus?
  • Did you know there is a giant Easter Island statue in Tucson?
  • Did you know you can find some very strange things in a Tucson attic?
  • Did you know the National Observatory is located just outside Tucson?
  • Did you know that bobcats and wild pigs are just part of the neighborhood in Tucson?
  • Did you know there is a thriving Gnome population in Tucson?
  • Did you know there are lots and lots of beautiful flowers blooming all year round in Tucson?
  • Did you know that Tucson is surrounded by Mountains?
  • Did you know Doves like to nest on Tucson patio fixtures?
  • Did you know that the average sale price of a Tucson single family residence in May of 2007 was $280,589?

If you read this site you will know about all these things and a lot more.

This site is designed so you can comment on each article (they are actually called posts). If there is a topic or information you would like to know more about just ask. You can either leave a comment on a post or use the contact us form. Maybe you just want to pick up the phone and ask a question. Please feel free to call or email.

This is the first post of the New Tucson AZ Real Estate Blog. It joins three sister sites which will share information and insight into Tucson Real Estate and the Tucson Real Estate Market.

There will be lots of information on Living in Tucson as well. The main focus of the site is Tucson.

  • Living in Tucson
  • The Tucson Real Estate Market
  • Buying a home in Tucson
  • Selling a home in Tucson
  • All things Tucson

tucson luxury homeEveryone wants to be able to search for homes in the Tucson MLS. For the time being, links to those searches will be provided from one of our other Tucson websites in the navigation bar to the left. Here is a direct link Tucson MLS Searches.

Tucson Real Estate in the News was started last year to provide commentary on “Tucson Real Estate in the News”. It is where we provide analysis of Real Estate in the News both local and national. We also report on trends in Tucson Real Estate and provide monthly analysis of the statistical information from the Tucson MLS. That site will continue to focus on News and Analysis of the Tucson Real Estate Market.

Tucson Catalina Mountains SnowPhotos and Images will play a large part in this site. We take many photos as we are out and about town. We will share those here as a part of the daily posts on the market and on living in Tucson.

Unless otherwise noted, I take all the photos on the site.
If you ever see one you would like, let me know and I’ll be glad to get you a copy of the original file.

There will be many new things coming to this site in the future.

For now you can get:

A Tucson Dream Home Finder lets you receive up to the minute emails of properties that are listed in the Tucson MLS which match what you are looking for in a Tucson home. You can visit our other sites in the naviagation bar to the left.

I hope this will be a place you stop by everyday to find out what is going on in the Tucson AZ Real Estate Market and learn about life and living in Tucson. It will be fun and informative as well as educational. Okay, maybe more fun and information than educational. : )

Enjoy the Journey; it is often as good or better than the destination.

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