Tucson Hiking Trails – Homes for Sale

Pima Canyon Trail

Tucson Hiking Trails – Homes for Sale

What does that mean?

The hiking trails aren’t selling homes. But people who live close to hiking trails are selling homes.

If you love to hike, Tucson is the place for you. We have hiking trails all through and around the town. I know it is a city but around the town sound cool.

Rather than driving around to the various trail heads then cruising the streets scouting for sale signs, we thought it would be easier if we creaetd a few radius searches based around various popular trails.

If there is a particular trail you want to live close to, and it isn’t on the list let us know. We’ll be glad to build a new search for your specific trail.

Below you will find a link to a screencast showing you how you can change the radius and the homes that will display in the search as you do. Don’t want a 5 mi. raduis, to many home in the search or want to be closer, easy, change the radius on the map, save the changed and you will see the number of active listings change accordingly.

Pima Canyon Trail Area

Catalina State Park Area

Linda Vista Trail Area

Finger Rock Trail Area

Sabino Canyon Trails Area

Ventana Canyon Trail Area

How to Adjust a Radius Search Area

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