Tucson Home Sellers It Is Summer Leave The AC ON

7447 Placita Del Misterio KitchenWhen you are looking at properties on line one thing you can’t see is the temperature in the house. It doesn’t matter how attractive a house might be online if it is too hot to stay inside more than a minute it is too hot. The home in this photo is cooled : )

Turning the AC off in summer in Tucson is like saving a dime while spending a dollar. You don’t have to make the place a meat locker but please keep the AC on and set to at least 78 to 80 degrees.

Think about it. You have your home on the market, you want people to come and see the home and to buy the home. You want them to spend a lot of time in the house, mentally placing furniture, deciding what things they would change and additions they would make to the house.

What do you think the first impression is going to be if the door is opened and they are hit with a blast of air that is hot enough to pop corn?

I can tell you what they do, they take a very quick run through the house and back out into the air conditioned car. Some days I haven’t even filled out the sign in sheet information and the clients are headed out the door. It is simply too hot to stay in the home for more than a few seconds. If potential buyers have asthma or respiratory issues, they are gone in less time.

You don’t have to chill the place, but keeping the house between 78 and 80 degrees will at least give your potential buyers time to evaluate the house in earnest. While you are at it, make sure there is toilet paper, hand soap and paper towels in the house as well.

Selling Tucson Real Estate in summer can always be a challenge. Think of it this way, you are saying to potential buyers “I’m taking care of this property and keeping it cool, clean and well presented” The opposite “I’m not spending another dime on this place including cooling it, take it or leave it”.

Keeping the house cool during a Tucson summer is an opportunity for you to make your place standout from the rest of the homes on the market. View the expense of cooling your home as an opportunity to market your home.

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2 thoughts on “Tucson Home Sellers It Is Summer Leave The AC ON”

  1. Same problem here no AC. Much worse in the winter when they are not heated. I have shown home in the summer that were so hot that we had to go outside to discuss the property after the showing.

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