Tucson Silver Tsunami – Tempest in a teapot?

Many “fears” in real estate come about because of a deadline

There are so many topics that get started because some writer has a deadline for new content, so they postulate (like that word, do you) a scenario where if this happens and this happens, then this could happen. 

Another writer needing an article picks up on the idea and runs with it adding more if this then this or this.  It get’s repeated by more writers, podcasters and speakers, till you have a tsunami, of fear over an idea that got started because a writer had a deadline.

In the past week I’ve had me ask about the “Silver Tsunami” coming to Arizona. I had to laugh because the flow of ‘silver’ into the the state isn’t anything new and it isn’t really a tsunami, if you’ve ever experienced a tsunami or seen the devastation following one you would know that obviously there has been no such thing literally in Arizona.

Where did all this Silver Tsunami talk Start?

The Silver Tsunami: Which Areas will be Flooded with Homes once Boomers Start Leaving Them?

These housing markets will feel the biggest impact from the ‘Silver Tsunami’

Arizona cities expected to be hit by ‘silver tsunami’ as boomers leave their homes

The ‘Silver Tsunami’ will turn out to be a puddle if anything, not a giant wave.

What seemed like a big issue in January is nothing but a memory now. Oh, wait, does anyone even remember it?

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