Tucson’s – The Loop

Tucson’s Vehicle Free Paths – The Loop

The Loop is the longest public recreation, multi-use path in the United States with majestic mountain views and winding through natural habitats.  It links 30 public parks and other facilities four farmers markets, and nearly four dozen pieces of public art. Residents use The Loop as part of their commute to work and their exercise routine; what an amazing way to wake up with nature and feel great about it.  There are plenty of restroom and water stops along the route.

The Loop has given great success to local shops and restaurants as well.  Wind down the day taking a leisurely ride and stop in at a favorite restaurant, local pub or wine bar.

The Loop Info:

  • Total Distance – 53.12 miles
  • Total Climbing – 1214 feet
  • Total Descent – 1135 feet
  • Max Elevation – 2900 feet
  • Minimum Elevation – 2247 feet

There is no beginning or end, simply enter through any of the designated spots along The Loop.

The Loop connects the communities of Tucson, Oro Valley, Marana, and South Tucson.

Fans of cycling, running, horseback riding, rollerblading, and dog walking with amazing views, we’ve got you covered!

Getting you where you need to go

The Loop is the safest way on a bike to travel from one end of town east to west and vice versa with no traffic or lights.  For the most part, both sides of the river have a bike path so it does not matter what side of the river you are on.

Next Event – Loop the Loop cycling celebration to kick off El Tour De Tucson – September 15, 2018 from 6:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

There are still plans to make it even bigger and better over the next decade connecting parks, trails, bus and bike routes, workplaces, schools, restaurants, hotels and motels, shopping areas, and sports and entertainment venues.  It will connect the Rillito River Park, Santa Cruz River Park, and Pantano River Park with Julian Wash and the Harrison Greenway.  See how Tucson’s Loop can inspire you.

Support The Loop

Love The Loop? Then help us keep it great. Your tax-deductible donation to The Parklands Foundation may be directed to fund improvements to The Loop. Give here!

The Loop Updates

For more information on Loop closures or events, like The Loop Facebook Page or view The Loop interactive map.

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