What is an Arizona Room

An Arizona Room is a room that is not quite outside and not quite inside. More than a screened in porch, but neither heated or cooled from the heating and cooling systems of the house itself.

An Arizona room is rather unique to Arizona (thus the name) and it is a blend of indoor and outdoor living space that you don’t see very often outside of Arizona (at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)

Wikipedia has this definition of an Arizona Room

An Arizona room is a semi-outdoor recreational room found frequently in homes in Arizona. The room is typically a patio that has been covered and screened-in, creating an outdoor feeling while preventing excessive heat and keeping insects and animals out. The room generally borders the back yard of the house and is often accessed directly from the living room, kitchen or other common room of the home.

Before air conditioning it was a place you could sleep at night and enjoy the cool evening breezes. Even after air conditioning the same is true. If you like the feel of the night air it doesn’t get any better.

This first image is from the living room looking out through the Arizona Room to the patio outside.

Arizona Room with View to Back Patio
Arizona Room with View to Back Patio

This particular Arizona Room is long and narrow with a desk at one end and comfortable seating. Arizona Rooms come in all shapes and sizes.   There is no standard or set square footage or shape.

Great light comfortable seating for a warm evening
Great light comfortable seating for an enjoyable evening in Tucson

Because we have such warm weather year round there aren’t very many days when you wouldn’t be able to use your Arizona Room.   They are not figured into the total living space of a home so when you see an Arizona Room as part of a house it is bonus living space.   Something to keep in mind.

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  1. Dave – I love this post, I have fond memories of Az Rooms growing up partly in Arizona. One word of caution to the home buyers out there that are doing their due diligence when buying a home with an Az Room. Often times homeowners make these additions to their home where the covered patio may be or they might add a structure to the extisting home to enclose it with screens or part wall and windows. Some fail to get permits and you want to be sure to research if it’s just an enclosure or addition. On our very first house we did enclose our covered patio with old recycled windows from the old Tempe High School. Way back in the eighties..we called it our Az Room…added a nice feel and extended our living area some what!

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  2. Ok…I understand what an Arizona Room is now. Can you tell me, then, what a Ramada is? Are the words interchangeable or are they two different types of rooms?


  3. A Ramada is a simple, often rustic structure, derived from the Spanish word ramaje (arbor). Originally built to provide shelter from the sun during harvest time, they were often made of mesquite or cottonwood poles and ocotillo stems, and were open on at least three sides to maximize the potential for breezes. Modern versions may be attached to a residence or freestanding. Roofs are solid or partially open.
    Used for: Outdoor dining, evening entertaining, or supporting plants.

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