What’s Happening September 30, 2008

It’s not a bailout it is the Emergency Economic Stability Act

I never prefer the media spin on what is going on, period. The selling of the Emergency Economic Stability Act as some kind of fat cat bailout is just one example. There are plenty of negative opinions to be found everywhere about this bill. Jonah B. Gelbach is associate professor of economics at the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management. Here is a link to his Op Ed printed in todays “Arizona Daily Star“. I found it an interesting read.

Yes I know he called it a bailout too.

Tucson MLS Preliminary Closed Transaction Sept. 2008

There are 836 closed as I write this with two more days to enter transaction without incurring a fine. Last year there were 769 for the month. We should see that number exceeded by more than 100 this month. I’ll have more on this tomorrow with a few breakdowns, overall it is a better month than most expected. However, October could be another story since Sept. last year followed the Mortgage meltdown of Aug. Next month will be the follow up month to the Economic meltdown on Wall St.

The Fall Wildflowers are blooming around Tucson

Here is a quick shot I grabbed today while I was out and about. Want to share a little of nature’s beauty while we are busily going about our day.

tucson fall wildflowers
Tucson Fall Wildflowers

You can click this image to see the larger version. Some have asked if I could do this again to images so they could see the enlarged images on screen. (Okay, no one asked, I just like seeing them large on screen)

So What Changed On Wall Street

The news is the same, the bill hasn’t been passed so what changed. Even the headlines in the news search provide no reason for the increase in the DOW today. Could it be hope? A change in attitude? Could it be a change of underwear? I’m just asking : )

And I thought the Tucson Real Estate Market was Hard to Predict
And I thought the Tucson Real Estate Market was Hard to Predict

Have a great evening, enjoy the sunset if you can see it. At least you can enjoy the flowers above.

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