When to begin thinking about selling your Tucson home

They say the second happiest day in a boat owners life is the day he buys the boat of his dreams.

What’s the happiest day? 
The day he sells his boat.

When is it time to  think about selling your Tucson home?

I’d recommend you start thinking about selling it before you make an offer.

You’re kidding, right?  No I’m not kidding.  Ask yourself this questions, “Do I intend to die owning this home?”  Even if the answer is yes, someone will have to sell the property as some point.  How hard is resale going to be?

Every time you make a change to the property.

Every modification that changes the look and feel of the property can either have a positive or negative impact on resale.  Ask yourself if this is going to negatively impact resale.  Like what?

I know some are going to say this first one is crazy, but it isn’t as crazy as you might think.

1.  Adding a pool.

I know at first thought adding a pool would seem to increase the value of your property and increase the number of buyers interested, especially in Tucson.  But we have helped several people purchase homes that the pool was actually on the negative side of their list.  Why?

  1. They didn’t want a pool, they would rather use that space for something else.
  2. They didn’t want the upkeep of a pool or the maintenance.
  3. They didn’t want the liability of a pool.  no fencing in the yard or fear a child might somehow drown.

Even something that appears to be a positive can be a negative for some buyers.

2.  Adding ceramic tile floors.

I mentioned this in a previous post.  Tile floors can be a big plus here in the Southwest where the sand is everywhere.  But if you go cheap and pick a really bad color, small size, glossy finish, it could have a very negative impact for resale. 

Personally we are no fans of carpet.  But in all honesty, carpet is like paint, not that hard to change.  Tile floors on the other hand . . .

If these two seemingly positive changes can have a negative impact I hope you can see how important it is to think about the impact of what you are considering when making changes that are not easily changed themselves.

It is important to think about things like this when you are buying, remodeling, or updating your home.

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