WIFI of an Idea Iowa Ahead of the Game

Free WIFI in Iowa Rest AreasWhile I was on my recent trip back to Ohio I had a serendipity experience when I got to Iowa.   I noticed on the Rest Area sign that “Free WIFI” was available.   I was close to my destination in Des Moines at the time and it was almost dark, but I made a mental note to check this out and see if it was in more than just this one rest area.

A few days later I found it was in every rest area, at least everyone I stopped at and over the course of a few day trips in different directions I stopped in at least 6 different rest area.   In all but one the WIFI signal was strong, the one it wasn’t was under construction.

Iowa rest areaI was in more than 10 states in this trip, Iowa was the only state to offer free WIFI at the Rest Areas. (one rest area in New Mexico didn’t even have running water).   The barn, or what appears to be a barn is actually a rest area in Iowa.   Modern facilities, vending machines, covered picnic table areas at which the WIFI signal was strong and fast.

I know Tucson has some type of WIFI cloud downtown, I tried to get on it once.   It didn’t work.   There are a lot of coffee shops offering Free WIFI these days, but you still have to pay $2.50 an hour at McDonald’s.   They advertise WIFI HERE, but you will notice “FREE” is missing.

At the Iowa rest areas the first 30 minutes were free and easy to connect.   If you needed more time than that you could pay a nominal fee for additional time or head on down the road to the next rest area to reset your WIFI clock.   I did that once : )

I wish more states were this progressive and forward thinking.   I wish Arizona was one of them.   I have to say I was a bit surprised my old state of Iowa was leading the charge in this new wave of technology.   I had to smile at the thought of the WIFI coming from a barn.

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  1. Wow, that is a great idea — WIFI in a barn. I’d love it if they’d do something similar in airports. I had a stopover in Atlanta a couple weeks ago and was excited when I saw a WIFI sign, but it turned out that they wanted $7.95 to connect!

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