Winterhaven Subdivision Tucson

Winterhaven subdivision looks like it was plucked right out of Indiana. While driving around in this community I keep saying “Is this really in Tucson?”

Tucson Historic Winterhaven Neighborhood

Like a Midwest neighborhood
Like a Midwest neighborhood

Tucson’s Winterhaven neighborhood is one of the historic neighborhoods in the National Register. Originally developed in 1948, it continues to be one of the most interesting neighborhoods in Tucson.

Winterhaven is one of Tucson’s first examples of a suburban community planning centered upon the automobile. Wide curving streets and irregularly shaped lots distinguish this neighborhood from the gridiron-layout subdivisions that dominated much of Tucson at the time it was developed.

Originally incorporated as a water company, Winterhaven established deed restrictions based on the vision of C.B. Richards, the subdivision’s developer, who wanted to create a community of homes set in a park-like setting of grass and other non-native landscaping made possible by the subdivision’s three private water wells.

The Tucson Winterhaven subdivision is made up of 265 residences that are notable examples of the modern ranch style, which are found in neighborhoods throughout Tucson and the West.

Today, the Winterhaven neighborhood is more associated with it’s annual Festival of Lights, which dates back to 1949. To reinforce the theme of this subdivision Winterhaven’s principal street is Christmas Avenue.

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Whenever I want to feel like I’m back in Ohio where I grew up I take a quick trip through Winterhaven. In the summer the streets even smell like they did back home. Enjoy the pictures, they were all taken in Winterhaven.

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